The new showroom will have all your favorite Stern Pinball games. | Source: Stern Pinball

In collaboration with the Pinball Hall of Fame, Stern Pinball is introducing a brand new showroom in Las Vegas called the Stern Experience.

Stern Pinball is known for making machines in a variety of themes, especially with pop-culture tie-ins. The company’s machines — which can be found in arcades, bars, and homes across the country — feature Star Wars, Marvel, The Walking Dead, and Pirates of the Caribbean, just to name a few.

Now, the pinball icon is bringing a huge, machine-filled showroom to pinball lovers everywhere in partnership with the Pinball Hall of Fame. The Pinball Hall of Fame, located across from the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, is a 25,000-square-foot property entirely devoted to pinball. Originally a pinball passion project started by Tim Arnold, the combination museum and arcade is the perfect place for anyone who loves the game. It has machines from throughout history, including some rare ones you’d have trouble finding and playing anywhere else. 

The Stern Experience will be full of Las Vegas flair and tons of pinball machines. | Source: Stern Pinball

The new Stern Experience showroom will feature the freshest pinball machines from Stern, a series of leaderboards to compete for high scores, and even some tournaments for the true champions out there. Stern will also host events in the space, including an upcoming James Bond 007 launch party.

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You can keep yourself up to date on the latest pinball news from Stern, including the new showroom releases, with Stern’s Insider Connected. The companion app will let you scan any Stern pinball machines you play to track scores and other achievements.