Photo: Netflix

I heard a rumor that The Umbrella Academy is finally coming back.

It has been a (very long) 15 months since the first season of this graphic novel adaptation dropped on Netflix and introduced us to unforgettable characters, an interesting twist on time travel tropes, and — in my opinion — one of the best TV soundtracks.

Today, Umbrella Academy fans finally got some good news: The second season will drop on July 31! We’ve got just over two months left to wait.

And while having a premiere date is great, the mode of delivery was even better. Instead of showing footage from the new season — which, OK, would have also been great — the announcement video reunited the cast in quarantine style.


All seven members of The Umbrella Academy appear in the video, portrayed as their adult versions (except for Number Five, of course) and generally in character. From the comfort of their homes, each dances to the song “I Think We’re Alone Now” — A perfect choice, not only because it echos a scene in season one when the siblings all dance alone to this very song, but also because the sentiment of being alone is a common one right now, as we all social distance in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. Shout out to Robert Sheehan who really brings it in the video, channeling his inner Klaus with props and all.

Check out the video below, and maybe dance a little bit yourself while you mark your calendar for July 31.