New Line Studios and Warner Bros. are developing a new LOTR anime. | Source: Warner Bros.

Twenty years after the debut of its blockbuster The Lord of the Rings trilogy, New Line Cinema is partnering with Warner Bros. to bring Middle-earth back to the big screen.

The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim will show fans what shaped Middle-earth and set the stage for Frodo and Sam’s trek to Mount Doom. Though the film is a standalone story, it’s being created as a companion piece to New Line Cinema’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, the storytelling and artistic elements are a bit different in this project: it’s an anime.

The animated feature will take place in the fortress of Helm’s Deep, the infamous battlezone for “The War of the Ring,” and will expand on its history. The movie will delve into the bloodstained history of one of Middle-earth’s most legendary characters: Helm Hammerhand, the mighty King of Rohan.

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Filmmaker Kenji Kamiyama is set to oversee production, so the integrity of the genre is in good hands. The original writing team from The Lord of the Rings films will serve as consultants to make sure the storytelling elements mirror those from the original trilogy.

Though there is no official release date yet for The War of the Rohirrim, Tolkien fans should expect this project soon: It has been fast-tracked for the big screen.