The Disney Designer Doll Collection | Source: Disney

Last April, Disney kicked off its Ultimate Princess Celebration, a year-long extravaganza honoring the beloved heroines that taught kindness to all of us. As part of the celebration, Disney launched the Disney Designer Doll collection, a line of collectible dolls featuring 15 iconic Disney princesses in never-seen-before, fashionable designs. 

Since the release of the first doll — princess Jasmine — back in October, the line has unveiled three subsequent dolls: Mulan, Ariel, and Pocahontas. Now, the collection prepares to expand again by welcoming Tiana and Aurora to its ranks.

The Louisiana princess will be sporting a white, poofy dress with a gold corset. The dress is embellished with sparkling silver accents and topped off with a white-and-silver shawl. For the first time ever, Tiana will be seen wearing her natural hair, highlighting her curls with a gorgeous, gold headband. 

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Sleeping Beauty will also be wearing her hair down, with her simple, blonde waves drawing attention to her violet-and-pink dress. The ombre gown is detailed with a gold crest, with a crown-like shape extending from the neckline. 

The Tiana and Aurora dolls are set to release later this year and will be available for purchase on for $129 each, along with the rest of the collection. Collectors can shop the four previously-released dolls at the link below and head to for additional Ultimate Princess Celebration content.