The 15th Anniversary edition has different upgrades to the classic strategy board game. | Source: Days of Wonder

Pack your bags and prepare for an epic game night, because Days of Wonder released Ticket to Ride Europe: 15th Anniversary today.

Considered a luxury version, this edition was made specifically for collectors and lovers of Alan R. Moon’s classic strategy board game series. Players can travel through the continent with upgraded features, including a larger board, new illustrations, and tin wagon cars. The tin boxes in this set even have new, colorful designs with sayings in different languages native to countries in Europe.

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The Ticket to Ride series offers various board game styles, traveling through countries as Japan, Germany, and France. Ticket to Ride Europe is a continent-sized expansion that showcases the wonders of the world, taking players to iconic locations including London’s Big Ben, Rome’s Colosseum, the domes of Moscow, and more.

Any excited fans should check out the video by Days of Wonder that showcases all the new additions. The video highlights the improved cars, and the closing shot reveals all the pieces included in this set. In total, the game comes with a giant Europe map game board, five tin boxes to hold 45 wagon cars, 15 train stations, five scoring markers, a rules booklet, 110 train car cards, 108 destination ticket cards, a European express bonus card, and a big cities reference card.

Want to take a shot at your international skills? Ticket to Ride Europe: 15th Anniversary is available in 20+ languages. The limited-edition set is available now on the Asmodee Store and at most major retailers for $99.95.