Bitty Pop! collections are getting bigger! | Source: Funko/The Pop Insider

Funko has some big news for fans of its smallest collectibles.

The company’s Bitty Pops! line launched earlier this year and offers versions of its popular Pop! figures that stand less than an inch tall and come packaged in small acrylic cases that look like the boxes that full-sized Pop! figures come in. Funko previously released Bitty Pop! collectibles for The Wizarding World, Star Wars, classic Disney, and DC Comics.

Today, two more popular properties are joining the micro line: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) and Disney Princesses.

The first season of both the TMNT and Disney Princess Bitty Pops! will include four different box sets to collect. Inside of each set, collectors will find four different Bitty Pops!. Three of the collectibles in each box are visible and always stay the same, while the fourth is a mystery. The mystery figure in each box set is either a rare or hyper rare character variant.

The Disney Princess box sets feature Ariel, Mulan, and Tiana; Belle (yellow dress), Pocahontas, and Jasmine; Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora; and Rapunzel, Merida, and Moana. The fourth figure in each of these boxes could be a hyper-rare Peasant Belle, a hyper-rare Coronation Elsa, a rare Ariel (pink dress), or a rare Coronation Anna.

The TMNT sets are comic-inspired. They include Leonoardo, Michelangelo, and April O’Neil; Donatello, Shredder, and Baxter Stockman; Splinter, Raphael, and Rocksteady; and 8-Bit Raphael, 8-Bit Donatello, and 8-Bit Leonardo. The possible mystery figures in all four sets are a hyper-rare Casey Jones, a hyper-rare Leatherhead, a rare 8-Bit Michelangelo, and a rare Bebop.

All of the box sets for TMNT and Disney Princess come with a display shelf for the four Bitty Pops! These stackable shelves make it easy to display your tiny collection and keep the micro figures organized.

These new collectibles will be available starting, for $15 each