Some of the Topps-exclusive Mego figures | Source: Topps

Batman, Rocky, Stan Lee, Willy Wonka, Ultraman, and more? Talk about a stacked lineup.

This month, Topps is kicking off a collaboration with Mego, offering a lineup of exclusive Mego action figures featuring iconic characters from Warner Bros., DC, Fox, MGM Studios, and more. Dubbed “The Megoverse,” this lineup will range from classic characters like the Universal Monsters to more current characters including Aang from Avatar the Last AirbenderOther characters in the lineup include horror icons — such as Hannibal Lecter and Chucky — and iconic Star Trek characters.

Shazam and Black Adam Mego figures, available only this week from Topps | Source: Topps

These figures will be available in a variety of sizes, including 8-inch and 14-inch styles. New, limited-edition figures in this collaboration will drop each Monday on the Topps website and will only be available for one week. The drops kicked off this week with two DC-inspired figures: an 8-inch Shazam and an 8-inch Black Adam, which cost $19.99 each.

This new collaboration is part of Topps’ continuing efforts to expand its product portfolio and e-commerce offerings beyond trading cards to reach a wider collector and fan audience.

Keep watching for additional exclusive Mego releases!