Grey’s Anatomy Derek Coffee Mug from Toynk ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ collection. | Source: Toynk

It’s a beautiful day to save lives, and a beautiful day to buy Grey’s Anatomy merchandise!

Pop-culture retailer Toynk has some new additions to its Grey’s Anatomy collection, and let’s just say that these new products are exactly what the doctor ordered.

The collection includes a range of home goods, puzzles, and collectibles featuring the long-running medical drama’s most iconic characters, phrases, and scenes. Fans can proudly claim their stance in the age-old debate of Shepherd vs. Sloan with the Team McSteamy & Team McDreamy Mug Set, or partner up with the Christina to their Meredith in matching “You Are My Person” T-shirts.

Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game Set of 4 Character Shot Glasses | Source: Toynk

Fans who are over the age of 21 can give Season 18 viewing parties an upgrade with the Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game Set of 4 Character Shot Glasses. Each shot glass comes printed with a character’s face and a drinking rule pertaining to that character. For example, whenever Miranda Bailey mentions being chief, the player with that shot glass has to pour it up and throw it back. Cheers, doctors!

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With prices ranging from $11.99-29.99, these additions to Toynk’s Grey’s Anatomy collection are available to purchase now on Even the most dark and twisty fans will be loving this merch!