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What if Marty McFly finally made it back to the future from 1955 only to draw unwanted attention from a crew of Cybertronian baddies?

That’s a question posited by the first-ever Transformers x Back to the Future (BTTF) collaboration. The new mashup is the latest piece to come out of the year-long Back to the Future 35th Anniversary celebration.

Hasbro, Universal Brand Development, and Amblin Entertainment introduced a time-traveling Transformers Autobot character named Gigawatt. The 5.5-inch “robot in disguise” transforms into the iconic DeLorean Time Machine in 17 steps. The toy includes a blaster and whip antennae accessories and features movie-inspired details including Doc Brown-style goggles, a flux capacitor chest piece, and time circuits. The gull-wing doors open, and collectors can rotate the wheels from vertical to horizontal to produce the 1985 hover conversion as seen at the end of the film. No word on whether or not Mr. Fusion is in the mix.

Source: Hasbro


Transformers Collaborative is a line of mash-ups that began last year with Transformers x Ghostbusters. Like that first collaborative effort, Transformers x BTTF will come complete with a narrative story told through IDW. Transformers/Back to the Future is a four-part comic book miniseries that posits a timeline in which Marty McFly returns to Hill Valley, California, circa 1985 to discover that Doc Brown’s Time Machine has attracted the attention of the Decepticons!

IDW’s Transformers/Back to the Future No. 1 | Source: Hasbro

Gigawatt launched today with just 1,985 limited-edition pieces being sold exclusively through

A variant release will be available beginning Oct. 1 via Hasbro Pulse and select retailers just as the first issue of the comic book hits stores.