Source: Hasbro Pulse

Another Friday, another packed Fan First Friday livestream from Hasbro Pulse!

This morning, the Hasbro Pulse team went live to showcase a bunch of new Transformers merch for fans to get excited about (and this is just the first of two livestreams today — stay tuned for GI Joe updates this afternoon!).

In about 15 minutes of video content, the team revealed new products, including a Hasbro Pulse-exclusive weapon pack, which comes with a deluxe Weaponizer Centurion Drone and 17 accessories. There is also an Amazon-exclusive Alternate Universe Optimus Prime in greyscale (pictured above), a U.S. Walmart-exclusive Vintage G1 ’80s reissue of Blaster, two new Gen Select figures, a “Having a Blast” Blaster T-shirt, and an additional figure for the newly revealed R.E.D. series. All of the reveals will be available to preorder today at 1 p.m. ET.

In other news, the Transformers: War for Cybertron Netflix series is officially delayed due to COVID-19. The new date is still TBA. While that’s a bit of a downer for Transformers fans, there is exciting news, too: The teased Transformer x Back to the Future collab will get its official reveal next week!

Check out the full video presentation below to see all of the new products in their Transforming (on non-transforming, in the case of the R.E.D. figures) glory!