Source: Niantic

The Autobots are rolling into the AR mobile game scene with the help of a super-squad in Hasbro, TOMY, and Niantic.

The three companies are partnering for Transformers: Heavy Metal, a mobile game that will see Optimus Prime and Bumblebee duking it out with Decepticons in real-world AR action on the Niantic Lightship Platform — Yup, the same Niantic that launched Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Expect to see Transformers heightened (literally) in real-time 3D mapping, but without the whole destroying metropolises bit.

Screenshots from ‘Transformers: Heavy Metal’ | Source: Niantic

In the game, players band together with Autobots through the Guardian Network to wage war against the Decepticons. As Guardians, players engage in turn-based battles with Decepticons, uncover hidden regions across Earth to find resources, and fight alongside friends in a robot combat royale. Be warned: Skywarp could be lurking just around the block!

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So far, the game appears to be extremely reminiscent of the Pokemon Go map and layouts. Whether we’ll see the Transformers rolling around our cities in their vehicle modes is still tbd, but we hope so! One thing’s for sure: Lots of exciting battle ops abound.

Transformers: Heavy Metal is set to launch later this year, and will enter a soft launch in select markets soon. To pre-register for the game and check out more information, visit