Transformers Generations Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Collection Comic Universe Impactor and Spindle | Source: Hasbro Pulse/the Pop Insider

Some of the most iconic Wreckers in the Transformers multiverse are getting their time to shine in a new collection from Hasbro.

As revealed yesterday, there is a new Transformers Generations Legacy series dubbed The Wreck ‘N Rule Collection. This Amazon-exclusive drop will ultimately include five packs (sold separately).

The first set in this collection comes from the comics universe and includes Impactor and Spindle. Both the leader and the new recruit are transformable figures — Impactor converts to tank mode in 19 steps while Spindle converts to Spinosaurus mode in 28 steps. The set also comes with two blaster accessories.

The second set, revealed today, includes G2 Universe Leadfoot and Masterdominus. Hasbro will continue to reveal Wreck ‘N Rule sets each day via the Hasbro Pulse Instagram until all five sets are available for preorder. While the sets are exclusive to Amazon, a limited number of each will also be available from Hasbro Pulse.

Each set in the Wreck ‘N Rule collection will also come with a piece of the Wrecker’s hammer. Fans who collect all five packs will be able to assemble and display the hammer. The figures also come in packaging that features exclusive art — put together all five boxes in this series to display a complete scene.

Click the link below to preorder these new collectibles, which are scheduled to ship this fall.