Yesterday, the official Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Twitter account sent out this message.

Spidey-fans on the internet collectively freaked out over the tweet, with many assuming the message was directed at the MCU‘s live-action Spider-Man (played by Tom Holland). In the newest trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man Far From HomePeter Parker learns about the existence of other dimensions — aka the multi-verse. Fans who saw Sony’s Into the Spider-Verse know that inter-dimensional travel was a huge part of the plot. Coincidence? We hope not!

So, how likely is it that we’ll see Miles Morales and Holland’s Peter Parker hanging out on screen? It’s a bit complicated. Basically, Sony still owns the rights to Spider-Man as a character. The studio made a deal with Disney to include a live-action version of the hero in the MCU movies and hired Marvel Studios to make the new trilogy of Spider-Man films starring Holland.

However, Sony is still creating its own non-MCU Marvel content (including Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse). The studio has already discussed plans to expand the Spider-Verse brand, though, so perhaps a continued alliance between Sony and Disney could eventually lead to a crossover between the Spider-Verse and the MCU.

We bet Tom Holland would be on board: He posted about Into the Spider-Verse on Instagram when it hit theaters last December, encouraging fans to go see it.

Far From Home (and the MCU’s first foray into the multi-verse) hits theaters on July 2.

Photo: Sony