Morrigan & Lilith and Ryu & Chun-Li Pins | Source: UDON Pins

When it comes to delivering sweetness, the Easter Bunny’s got nothing on UDON Pins!

Capcom Collectible Character Egg Pins are “hatching” into fans’ Easter baskets this year. Darkstalker, Street Fighter, and Mega Man fans can all look forward to collecting their favorite video-game fighters in egg form, courtesy of UDON Pins.

The pins come in two-pack character pairings according to their fandoms: Ryu & Chun-Li, Morrigan & Lilith, and Mega Man & Proto Man. The pins’ designs are adorable, but authentic to each character’s style: For instance, Morrigan and Lilith sport cute vampiric bat wings, while Chun-Li and Ryu show off their iconic headwear. Fans can buy all three egg pin sets to receive a free mystery bonus Easter pin while supplies last!

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Each pin stands a little over an inch tall and comes with its own backing card. Each two-pack pairing costs $25, while the entire three-pin set and mystery bonus costs $75. These pins join UDON Pins’ existing collections, which feature fandoms such as Shantae & the Seven Sirens, Persona 5, Monster Hunter, and Sailor Moon. Who knows, maybe one of these characters will make an egg-citing appearance as the mystery bonus!

UDON Pins will continue to roll out new pins on a regular basis, so stay up-to-date on