Uncanny Brands Deadpool Waffle Maker | Source: Uncanny Brands/the Pop Insider

The Merc with a Mouth may be known for his love of Mexican food, but he also makes for a darn good waffle.

This past week, Uncanny Brands released a Deadpool-inspired waffle maker. The kitchen appliance creates round waffles in the shape of the Deadpool logo and comes with a full-color image of that iconic red-and-black logo on its top.

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This waffle maker also features dual indicator lights that tell super chefs when it’s time to pour the batter and when the waffles are done cooking. While it is technically a waffle maker, this appliance can also be used to make eggs, brownies, shredded potatoes, and plenty of other foods in the same iconic shape. Uncanny Brands even released a video showing how to make Deadpool’s beloved Chimichangas in the waffle maker.

The Deadpool Waffle Maker joins a growing line of licensed waffle makers from Uncanny Brands — You can also make waffles in the shape of a Dragon Ball, Bob Ross’ head, Darth Vader, a WWE Champion Belt, and more.