The new Jurassic Park Grilled Cheese Maker and Waffle Maker | Source: Uncanny Brands/the Pop Insider

If the Jurassic World movies have taught us anything, it’s that some things (like, you know, extinct carnivorous beasts) should be left alone. But sometimes, we have to admit that adding a bit of prehistoric flair can make something better, like movie night… or your next grilled cheese.

Ahead of Jurassic World: Dominion, which officially hits theaters tomorrow, June 10, Uncanny Brands has two new kitchen appliances that embrace the Jurassic Park vibes. The new releases are a grilled cheese maker and a waffle maker. Both appliances feature the iconic Jurassic Park logo on their lids and have the logo’s overall red-and-black color scheme.

The grilled cheese maker (which you can also use to make any pressed sandwich, french toast, omelets, and more) has space to make two servings at once. As you grill the sandwiches, the press burns “Jurassic Park” into one side of each sandwich and a T. rex head into the other.

The waffle maker, meanwhile, makes single round waffles that feature a T. rex head on each side. Like the grilled cheese maker, this appliance is versatile and can make eggs, potatoes, and more.

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Both of these dino-mite appliances are equipt with dual indicator lights that tell you when it’s time to add ingredients and when the food is ready.

Fans can snag both the waffle maker and the grilled cheese maker now at, where they are available to preorder for $44.99 each. They are projected to ship on June 27.