Source: Uncanny Brands

You may not think waffles could get any better, but you would be wrong.

Uncanny Brands just debuted a lineup of new kitchen appliances inspired by The Mandalorian, and they are packed with The Child‘s cuteness.

To start, there is a The Child waffle maker, pictured above. It costs $39.99 and makes waffles featuring everyone’s favorite space toddler riding in his space pod. The top of the waffle maker also features a chibi image of The Child, and the handle has the The Mandalorian logo.

This version is available from and major retailers, but there are three additional, retailer-exclusive The Mandalorian waffle makers available, too. There is a more photo-realistic design available from GameStop, a Mandalorian helmet-shaped waffle maker available from Amazon, and another design heading to What On Earth soon. All of these designs also cost $39.99.

Source: Uncanny Brands

The collection also features two slow cookers: a 2-quart for $29.99 and a 7-quart for $49.99. Each features three cooking temperatures and a patterned design featuring Mando’s helmet and The Child in his space pod.

If you’re more of a toast person than a waffle person, you can snag a The Child toaster! The toaster costs $34.99 and burns an image of The Child’s head onto your bread!

Finally, if you can’t use the Force until you’ve had your morning cup of coffee, you need The Mandolorian Single Cup Coffee Maker ($29.99). It features an illustration of Mando’s helmet on the machine and comes with a matching mug with an image of The Child!

All of these products, except for the retailer-exclusive waffle makers, are available to buy or preorder now from!