Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula Dunny vinyl art figures | Source: Kidrobot

Kidrobot is raising terrifyingly collectible figures in its newest collab with Universal Pictures. The crossover transforms Universal Monsters from classic horror films into Kidrobot’s popular Dunny vinyl art figures.

First, Kidrobot has stitched together a Universal Monsters Frankenstein’s Monster Glow-in-the-Dark Dunny, inspired by the film Frankenstein (not to be confused with Dr. Frankenstein himself). This 8-inch figure transforms the Dunny ears into the rods that bring the monster to life through the power of electricity. Fans can turn the lights off to see the rods’ blue electricity and the monster’s eyes glow, thanks to glow-in-the-dark effects. The Frankenstein’s monster vinyl figure is available to preorder for $65.99. 

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Next, the Universal Monsters Dracula Dunny Figure commands fans to look into his eerie, red eyes. This 8-inch vinyl figure is inspired by the film Dracula and features bats flying above the vampire, who is wearing his iconic tuxedo look, complete with his medallion. The legendary vampire vinyl figure is available to preorder for $75.99.

These art figures are a must-have for all horror collections and are available for preorder exclusively from the Kidrobot website. Both figures are expected to ship by this fall.