UNO Vivetta Collaboration | Source: Mattel

UNO is turning 50, and Italian fashion designer Vivetta Ponti is giving the iconic card game a makeover to celebrate!

Launching today and exclusively on the Mattel Creations platform, Ponti’s limited-edition deck is a collaboration with Vogue Talents, a Vogue Italia property. Each card in the deck features the classic UNO color scheme on the front, while the backs feature some of Ponti’s personal passions — including animals and poetry — that often feature in her collections.

The packaging also has the designer’s touch, taking the classic UNO layout and filling it with a rose color. “Vivetta” is written on the front, and the hanging tab features some of the artwork that appears on the cards.


Ponti says UNO already has a lot of similarities with her brand. “UNO has always been one of the games that accompanies the funniest and most favorite moments with my two children,” she says. “The beauty of this game lies in its simplicity, in transcending different ages, cultures, and languages, in always knowing how to reinvent itself while maintaining its distinctive features.”

This isn’t the first limited-edition UNO deck that Mattel has offered via its Creations platform. Chicago artist Nina Chanel Abney’s art graced the cards in a collaboration with Pharrell’s Black Ambition that launched back in December. And last November, artist Bobby Hundreds remixed the iconic game with his signature style.

This fashionable, limited-edition UNO deck is available from Mattel Creations for $20.