The black chair comes with purple highlights. | Source: Vertagear

Gaming setups are about to get a lot more luxurious.

Vertagear, best known for its gaming chairs, has teamed up with Swarovski to create its most high-end design yet. Vertagear’s newest PL4500 model comes decked out and embellished in a crystal, diamond-shaped pattern featuring real Swarovski crystals. This glittering chair ($599.99) is designed to support 260 pounds and includes a pillow to provide extra comfort for gamers during their epic digital adventures. Close-ups of the crystals show that this feature is more than just shiny bling: The gems sparkle in tons of colors and pair nicely with the purple accents on the chair.

The closeup on this emblem highlights the glittering effect of the crystals. | Source: Vertagear

As with Vertagear’s regular PL 4500 model, gamers can upgrade this black chair with the wirelessly operated RGB LED Top Kit. This optional kit (an additional $299.99) adds a rainbow-infused look to the chair with colorful LED lights that players can customize and control. Once the lights are installed, the top spaces of the chair can glow different colors, and the light will reflect off the crystals to further highlight their shine.


Interested gamers looking to upgrade their setup can preorder the PL4500 Swarovski chair now on Vertagear’s website. It is expected to ship on July 29.