Shirts from Very Neko’s Emily in Paris collection | Source: Very Neko

We are just two days away from the second season of Emily in Paris gracing our Netflix accounts on Wednesday, Dec. 22, for a well-timed holiday binge-watch. And what better way to pass that time than by shopping?

Today, Very Neko released an exclusive, official collection of Emily in Paris-inspired products in collaboration with Paramount, including home goods, apparel, and accessories featuring elements from the series.

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To start, there are both white and black T-shirts featuring the show’s name. The white shirt keeps things simple on the front but has a sketch of the Eiffel Tower on the back. The black shirt has a more intricately designed version of the show name on its front, complete with a sketch of a woman —who we presume is meant to be Emily — dressed in her Parisian best. This same design (in blue) appears on the back of a black, crew-neck sweatshirt in the collection. It is also available as an art print, in either its blue/green or pink versions.

The bucket hat and matching bag from the Very Neko Emily in Paris collection | Source: Very Neko/the Pop Insider

The accessories in this collection are a bit more bold. We all know that Emily loves a bucket hat, so there is a colorful, floral one in this collection, along with a toiletries bag to match. Look closely among the flowers in this all-over design and you’ll find tiny Eifell Towers! And while Pierre Cadault may not be a real designer irl, you can bring home his work with a Pierre Cadault tote bag. It’s decorated with sketches of shoes and Cadault’s signature.

Items from Very Neko’s Emily in Paris collection | Source: Very Neko

To add a little touch of Emily (and Pierre Cadault!) style to your life, you can choose from an entrance mat or a phone case covered with the same shoe pattern from the tote bag, but with a sketch of the Arc de Triomphe and the phrase “A Little Bonjour Goes a Long Way.” Finally, if you’re really ready to splurge, the collection offers a floral director’s chair with “Ringarde!” written across the back. Add it to your room and you’ll always feel like you’re directing a perfume advertisement!

The full collection is available to shop now from