All five possible covers for the “The Amazing Spider-Man No. 1” digital comic book | Source: VeVe

Is your Spidey-sense tingling? Because VeVe is about to drop another batch of Marvel non-fungible tokens (NFTs) today, wrapping up a month packed with comics-inspired digital collectibles.

Today’s drop will include the first-ever digital statues of Captain America, to commemorate the hero’s 80th anniversary. The limited statues are part of VeVe’s “Marvel 1st’s” series, featuring Cap as he appeared in his debut comics in 1941. There will be five versions of the statue available on the VeVe app starting today, Aug. 31, at 11 a.m. ET, each with a different pose and a different level of rarity. Fans can collect the standard “The First Avenger” (22,000 pieces, $40), “Charging Into Battle” (12,000 pieces, $50), “The Punch” (8,000 pieces, $100), an animated version (2,500 pieces, $250), and an ultimate animated version that features sound and visual effects (1,000 pieces, $400). Click here for a closer look at all five of the collectibles.

Two of the Captain America digital statues | Source: VeVe/the Pop Insider

But that isn’t the only Marvel-themed drop coming to the VeVe app today! At 3 p.m. ET, the company will drop its next batch of limited-edition digital comics. This time, “The Amazing Spider-Man No. 1″ is getting the NFT treatment, feating five different covers with varying rarity (pictured top). Unlike the Captain America statues, these comic books’ rarity is randomized and only known after collectors get their NFT. For this drop, there will be 48,000 Classic Covers (common), 6,000 Vintage Variants (uncommon), 3,000 Hero Variants (rare), 2,400 Vibranium Variants (ultra rare), and 600 True Believer Variants (secret rare). Each issue costs $6.99 and is a fully readable comic book. Click here for additional information about this drop.

The VeVe Digital Collectibles app is available for iOS and Android devices. After fans purchase NFTs on the platform, they can display them in virtual show rooms or resell them on a secondary market within the app. Head to to learn more and to download the app.