If you haven’t heard about Walmart Collector Con yet, you aren’t alone. The retailer hasn’t posted about or promoted this upcoming online event, but it’s something that should *definitely* be on every collector’s radar.

On Friday, July 17, at 10 a.m. ET, Walmart is set to drop more than 60 exclusives, according to this webpage. There’s even a countdown clock and an official hashtag (#walmartcollectibles), although the hashtag doesn’t have any posts on Twitter or Instagram at this time.

One of the flagship releases for Walmart Collector Con is YuMe’s Harry Potter Magical Capsule collectibles (check out our review of them here!), but the Collector Con page promises merch from other brands, too, including Mondo, McFarlane Toys, Beast Kingdom, and Hasbro’s Marvel Legends.

We know some of Monogram International’s Comic-Con International: San-Diego (SDCC) exclusives will be available through the Walmart collectibles page, as will some of Funko’s summer Virtual Con exclusives. It’s unclear, however, if these will be part of the Walmart Collector Con event or’s regular collectibles offerings.

Stay tuned for additional info about this mysterious event as we (hopefully) learn more, and mark your calendars for tons of geeky goodness next Friday morning!