Source: Funko

It’s been nearly 10 months since WandaVision made its Disney+ debut, but we are still obsessed with its nine-episode arc — from the many TV-era homages to the heartbreaking love story of Wanda and Vision.

Now, Funko is keeping the Wanda + Vision love going with a new selection of collectibles that are available exclusively from Target.

To start, there is a pair of Pop! cover art collectibles (pictured above) which include a Marvel Comics cover featuring the characters, with a corresponding Pop! figure posed in front of each cover in display-worthy packaging. These are available to preorder now for $14.99 each.

The WandaVision Mini Moments collection teaser | Source: Funko

Funko also revealed its latest set of Pop! Mini Moments collectibles, which are tiny dioramas and corresponding figures that replicate sets from popular shows and movies. This new series will recreate Wanda and Vision’s home from Wandavision, offering a different Mini Moments set for each of the decades featured in the show. The series will include six sets in all, but so far only the ’50s and ’60s sets are available to preorder ($7.99 each). The ’50s and ’60s Mini Moments both come with figures of Wanda and Vision, but a teaser image from Funko hints that future sets will include other characters from the show.

These new collectibles join the initial WandaVision Funko Pop! offerings, which included versions of Wanda and Vision from each decade, an Agatha figure, and more.