Warner Bros. Studio is offering a different seat at the table with a deal to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to the development process.

According to a Hollywood Reporter exclusive, the deal signed with film-data-driven tech company Cinelytic promises to bring the company’s AI-powered management system to Warner Bros.

Studios spend millions of dollars every year hedging bets on scripts and festival screenings long before the final film sees a paying audience. The tech can’t predict which movie will become the next summer blockbuster, but it can provide metrics and valuations on a film’s potential earnings given star-power and marketing strategy, even suggesting the most lucrative release date.

Cinelytic insists the AI isn’t here to replace script readers and marketing teams; it’s merely a number-cruncher — a tool to provide useful information that Hollywood experience and gut instinct can capitalize on.

According to Cinelytic, no creative decisions will be coming from the AI tool — at least for now.

Photo: Pentagram