Source: Warner Bros.

Everyone’s favorite wabbit turns 80 today and the loony celebration will continue through November.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is keeping the party going with the Bugs Bunny 80th Anniversary Collection. Set to be in stores on Nov. 3, the collection features 60 theatrical shorts on Blu-Ray, along with digital copies of the shorts, a new documentary, 10 episodes of the new Looney Tunes series that’s currently on HBO Max, an introductory letter from animation historian Jerry Beck, and a full-size Bugs Bunny glitter Funko figure. Fans who don’t own Blu-ray players can also pick up a digital-only version on the same day.

The shorts feature the timeless antics of Bugs and his friends, enemies, and frenemies. Fans will be able to catch his wise-guy persona from the ’40s to ’90s in remastered shots. Some of the fan-favorite animated shorts included in the collection are Baseball Bugs, Hair Raising Hare, Bugs Bunny Rides Again, 8 Ball Bunny, The Rabbit of Seville, What’s Opera Doc?, A Wild Hare, and Knighty Knight Bugs.

That’s all, folks. The in-store collection will retail for $74.99 and the digital version for $39.99. For now, you can always celebrate by eating a whole bunch of carrot cake and rewatching Space Jam.