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At the Pop Insider, we’re always on the hunt for new ways for you to #FuelYourFandom with the best in the pop culture universe. In the We Be Geeks Podcast Collective Weekly Roundup, we showcase a curated selection of podcasts for many interests. Whether you’re into Star Wars or Marvel, classic sci-fi, music, movies, comics, books, food, or just about anything in between, we think you’ll find something to love! These weekly podcasts also feature great conversations with special guests, including many of the creators and talent behind the content you love. And you just might catch a few members of the Pop Insider editorial team making appearances as well. We liked these shows so much, we joined the Geeks as a presenting sponsor!

We Be Geeks 388: “Center Seat With Brian Volk-Weiss”

We Be GeeksThis week, the Dashing Duo welcomes The Nacelle Co.’s Brian Volk-Weiss to the show.

Volk-Weiss is the prolific producer/creator behind The Toys That Made Us, The Movies That Made Us, and a host of stand-up specials released by Comedy Dynamics. On the show, the crew discusses his latest project, The Center Seat: 55 Years of Star Trek followed by updates on the latest reveals from Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest and LEGO.

Put on your headphones and get ready to geek out!

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Mighty Marvel Geeks Issue 335: “Head Above The Shield”

Might Marvel GeeksFall in, Field Agents! The Intrepid Trio has gathered in the Above-Ground, Underwater, Sub-Orbital Volcano Lair to serve up another hefty dose of Marvel news.

This week, it runs the gamut across toys, collectibles, movies, TV, and comics. Up for discussion: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the latest from Hasbro Pulse, a new member of the X-Men, and rumors of a Wolverine TV series.

Hit play, true believers, and crank it up!

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Wookiee Radio 208: “Carbonite Wookiees”

Wookiee RadioThis week, The Smugglers Three are joined by Nic and Alec from the Carbonite Combos podcast.

This week, the Smugglers Three welcome another guest podcast duo on to the show, Nick and Alec from the Carbonite Combos podcast. The show kicks off with a round of Star Wars Family Feud before going deep on everything from a galaxy far, far away.

May the Force be with You!

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Geek Watch One Issue No. 285: “Raiders of the Last Crystal of Doom”

Geek Watch OneThis week, the Geek Watch One crew discusses all the latest news about Lucasfilm’s upcoming Indiana Jones 5.

The discussion covers the first four installments of the franchise and whether they hold up upon rewatching. Additionally, the crew discusses strange occurrences on Akron roads and the ramp-up to attending live shows and cons again.

Additional discussion covers a new podcast from Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Gates McFadden, a new Nintendo book, and a live-action Gundam movie.

Just press play!

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Keepers Of  The Fringe 182: “I Hope I Don’t Snikt Prematurely … I’m Not Jacques Cousteau Over Here!”

Keepers of the FringeThis week, the Keepers go rapid-fire with Keepers Kwickies pop culture news.

Among the topics covered this week: Alfred Molina spills the beans on his role in the next Spider-Man movie; a rumored Wolverine series for Disney+; some legal issues with the Predator franchise; the latest on Indy 5; and more!

Crank it up!

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