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At the Pop Insider, we’re always on the hunt for new ways for you to #FuelYourFandom with the best in the pop culture universe. In the We Be Geeks Podcast Collective Weekly Roundup, we showcase a curated selection of podcasts for many interests. Whether you’re into Star Wars or Marvel, classic sci-fi, music, movies, comics, books, food, or just about anything in between, we think you’ll find something to love! These weekly podcasts also feature great conversations with special guests, including many of the creators and talent behind the content you love. And you just might catch a few members of the Pop Insider editorial team making appearances as well. We liked these shows so much, we joined the Geeks as a presenting sponsor!

Here’s what’s happening this week:

We Be Geeks 360: “I Got Your 6 with Bill Foster”

We Be GeeksOn this bonus episode, the Dashing Duo welcomes actor/writer/wine-maker Bill Foster.

Foster serves up details on his latest projects — including a couple of independent westerns — and shares his newfound love of making wine at his own winery.


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Mighty Marvel Geeks Issue 304: “The Doctor Is In With Sarah Kuhn”

Might Marvel GeeksFall in, Field Agents! This week, the Intrepid Trio welcomes writer Sarah Kuhn into the Above-Ground, Underwater, Sub-Orbital Volcano Lair.

Kuhn — author of Marvel’s Star Wars Doctor Aphra audio drama hits the ground running by sharing details on how she got the project. It’s a tale of a longtime Star Wars fan getting a chance to put a personal stamp on a galaxy far, far away…

Hit play, true believers, and crank it up!

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Wookiee Radio 173: “Wookiee Reactions”

Wookiee RadioThe Smugglers Three are joined by David and Aaron from the “Star Wars Reaction” podcast.

The gang starts off with a fresh round of Star Wars Family Feud before delving into deep Star Wars discussion, including a look at some favorite ships piloted by the Imperials, the Rebels, and beyond.

May the Force be with You!

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Geek Watch One Issue No. 254: “Immortal Comic-Con”

Geek Watch OneThis week, the Geek Watch One crew delves into streaming with a look at The Muppets’ new show on Disney+ and the new Netflix movie about immortal warriors wih Charlize Theron.

Additionally, the team discusses the latest in pop culture news, including the underperformance of Comic-Con @ Home on social media; AMC and Universal’s big new deal, the Vanilla Ice biopic; new LEGO art sets; and more!

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The New England Society Of Geeks 67: “The Monthly Comicscast For July 2020 Part One, News And Reviews”

The New England Society of Geeks

It’s time for another edition of The Monthly Comicscast

This week, Derrick, Cosmic Comic Guru Dario, and the World’s Greatest Sidekick Paul discuss All-America Comix No. 1 (Image Comics);  Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Rising Prelude No. 1 (Marvel Comics);  Snake Eyes: Deadgame No. 1 (IDW Comics);  Batman No. 95 (DC Comics); Spider-Woman No. 1 (Marvel Comics); Strange Academy No. 1 (Marvel Comics); and The Cimmerian: Red Nails No. 1 (Ablaze Comics).

Additionally, the crew discusses DC’s “Three Jokers” storyline and more.

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Keepers Of The Fringe 148: “Soundwave Whispering Old Man Tangents … Autobots Wrap It Up!”

Keepers of the FringeThis week, the Keepers return to revisit a segment that they started during Halloween last year, when the world was a very different place.

“The Retro Classic Movie Review” takes things back to the early days of zombie cinema with a look at George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead!

But that’s not all!

The Keepers serve up details on Kevin Smith’s latest Green Hornet project; Mega-City One, the Judge Dredd series; a new doc exploring Ren and Stimpy and more.

Crank it up!

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