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At the Pop Insider, we’re always on the hunt for new ways for you to #FuelYourFandom with the best in the pop culture universe. In the We Be Geeks Podcast Collective Weekly Roundup, we showcase a curated selection of podcasts for many interests. Whether you’re into Star Wars or Marvel, classic sci-fi, music, movies, comics, books, food, or just about anything in between, we think you’ll find something to love! These weekly podcasts also feature great conversations with special guests, including many of the creators and talent behind the content you love. And you just might catch a few members of the Pop Insider editorial team making appearances as well. We liked these shows so much, we joined the Geeks as a presenting sponsor!

Here’s what’s happening this week:

We Be Geeks 364: “We Be Absolute Geeks”

We Be GeeksThis week, it’s a crossover episode!

The Dashing Duo teams up the crew from the “Absolute Geek” podcast to discuss DC FanDome and a host of other geek-tastic topics.

Put on your headphones and get ready to geek out!

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Mighty Marvel Geeks Issue 308: “Eye Rolls”

Might Marvel GeeksFall in, Field Agents! This week, the Intrepid Trio fires up the mics in the Above-Ground, Underwater, Sub-Orbital Volcano Lair for another jam-packed episode.

The Geeks say that they have news that makes it feel like that there a slight return to normalcy. Additionally, they discuss that happenings on Agent Mike’s birthday; the latest from the MCU; a bit about Tony Stark; and some info about the New Mutants.

Hit play, true believers, and crank it up!

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Wookiee Radio 176: “Recording Aphra’s Audio With Nick Martorelli”

Wookiee RadioThis week, The Smugglers Three are joined by Nick Martorelli, producer of the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra audio drama.

On the show, the crew discusses the nuances of recording an audiobook audio drama and how the process has changed in recent months.

Additionally, there’s a bonus episode this week! Wookiee Radio 177 focuses on all the merch that was made for the Star Wars Celebration that never happened.

May the Force be with You!

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Geek Watch One Issue No. 257: “Wakanda Forever!”

Geek Watch OneThis week, the Geek Watch One crew pays tribute to Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman.

Additionally, Ken and Miss Vickie head out to the drive-in to check out Bill and Ted Face the Music.

Finally, the crew dishes details on Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and Mulan.

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Keepers Of  The Fringe 153: “The Whole World’s On A Cliffhanger, A Slow Descent Into Madness And Sadness”

Keepers of the FringeThis week, the Keepers are here with a “most excellent” episode of the show.

In addition to serving up a spoiler-filled review of Bill and Ted Face the Music,  the crew discusses the shocking death of Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman, delves into the “Despecialized Editions” of the Star Wars Trilogy, and shares thoughts on 20 remakes that could be better than the original films that inspired them.

Crank it up!

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The New England Society Of Geeks 70: “The Monthly Comicscast For August 2020, Part One”

The New England Society of GeeksIt’s time for another edition of The Monthly Comicscast

This week, the Society discusses the death of Chadwick Boseman and the recent DC FanDome event before hitting all the customary reviews.

Books featured in this episode include Batman: Three Jokers No. 1 (DC Comics), Locke And Key: In Pale Battalions Go… No. 1 (IDW), Johnny Red No. 1 (Titan Comics), Fantastic Four: Antithesis No. 1 (Marvel Comics), My Little Pony/Transformers: Friendship In Disguise No. 1 (IDW), and more.

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