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At the Pop Insider, we’re always on the hunt for new ways for you to #FuelYourFandom with the best in the pop culture universe. This week, we’re introducing the We Be Geeks Podcast Collective Weekly Roundup — a showcase featuring a curated selection of podcasts for many interests. Whether you’re into Star Wars or Marvel, classic sci-fi, music, movies, comics, books, food, or just about anything in between, we think you’ll find something to love! These weekly podcasts also feature great conversations with special guests, including many of the creators and talent behind the content you love. And you just might catch a few members of the Pop Insider editorial team making appearances as well. We liked these shows so much, we joined the Geeks as a presenting sponsor!

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We Be Geeks 347: “Talking Jaws with Joe Alves”

We Be GeeksThis week, the Dashing Duo interview Joe Alves, production designer on classic movies such as Jaws and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

Alves shares some great stories about making sharks and more. Following the interview, the Dashing Duo discusses some of the cool new Star Wars merchandise that came out for on Star Wars Day, May 4.

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Wookie Radio 160: “Smuggling the Clone Wars”

Wookiee RadioOn this week’s show, the Smugglers Three are joined by a Smugglers Alliance including Stephen, @RoqooDepot, from Roqoo Depot,  Chris, @RealmMistent from Journal Of The Jedi, Seth, @GeekvilleRadio from Geekville Radio, Anthony, @aRuralfarmboy, and Pop Insider Senior Editor James Zahn to discuss the series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

What happened? How was the show resolved and what happens going forward? The Smuggler’s Alliance discusses these questions and more!

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Mighty Marvel Geeks 292: “Tales From The Ride”

Might Marvel GeeksThis week, the Intrepid Duo dishes fresh intel on all the Marvel news you crave.

If you thought that your stay-at-home was bad, find out what Scott Lang (Ant-Man) was doing during his two-year house arrest. Additional intel includes news from Marvel Comics and the MCU including a possible Spider-Man series on Disney+, the coming of the Fury Files, the new Taskmaster figure from Diamond Select, updates from the set of The Falcon and Winter Solider, updates on Marvel Unlimited, and more.

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Keepers Of The Fringe 137: “Ewoks On Cocaine, All Exploding And Shooting, And Karate Kicks”

Keepers of the FringeThis week, the Keepers return, kicking and screaming their way into your brain to throw down the details on what’s happening throughout the entertainment and pop culture world. Topics include the passing of rock icon Little Richard, the rumored inclusion of Boba Fett in The Mandalorian’s second season, a possible remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy, the pending release of A Toy Store Near You, a Children of the Corn remake, and much more.

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Geek Watch One Issue No. 246: “Seven Ate Nine”

Geek Watch One

This week, the Geek Watch One crew drops the details on what they’ve been watching during the COVID-19 pandemic, including Upload (Amazon Prime Video), Solar Opposites (Hulu), and Prop Culture (Disney+).

The crew also chats about food and new shows and what they hope to see from the increasing number of new streaming services that keep popping up. Finally, the crew delves into some recent news including Comic-Con at Home, the return of ABC’s The Wonderful World of Disney, A Whisker Away on Netflix, and more.

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The New England Society Of Geeks 56: “Origins Of Pod With Joey DiCarlo”

The New England Society of GeeksIn this edition of Origins Of Pod, Derrick interviews Joey DiCarlo, one of the hosts of the podcast ‘So Wizard.’

Derrick and Joey talk about the podcast and how it got started and then branch off to a few other geek topics including what it is like to raise children as a geek.

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