The trailer for the season two finale of Westworld, titled “The Passenger,” just dropped and it looks like a doozy. Usually, it’s the season finale that racks up the body count, but (SPOILERS) in the latest episode of Westworld, Teddy (James Marsden) ended his life. Teddy’s death, (in its current, permanent status) leaves the season finale plot ate a shakeup point—anything can happen, including Teddy miraculously coming back to life. Sci-fi and paranormal shows really love their main character deaths during the last 20 minutes before they’re rescinded. Call us crazy, but “The Passenger” is kind of ringing our “he’s def not dead” bells.

Lucky for Westworld friends, The Powers That Be decided to throw in this plot twist with an episode left in the season, so it may not bleed into the summer hiatus wait if it’s resolved in the final episode.