Source: Toynk

Anyone who says game shows aren’t a fandom is lying — and has clearly never spent a whole day happily watching the Game Show Network.

For those who live for the nightly ritual of Wheel of Fortune and JeopardyToynk has you covered. Today, the site released two new (officially licensed) Wheel of Fortune products that game show enthusiasts will love.

First, there is an enamel pin modeled after the iconic Wheel of Fortune Wheel. Measuring 3 inches, the colorful pin is complete with the “free play,” bankrupt,” and “lose a turn” spaces. It is available to preorder now for $17.99 and will ship in August.

Source: Toynk

While the pin is fun, there’s no denying that the other offering — a wheel-inspired and wheel-shaped fleece blanket — is a must-have for all future Wheel of Fortune watching. At 59 inches, the circular blanket is big enough to be functional and give you the perfect way to show off your love for the show. Like the pin, it features the special spaces, such as bankrupt and lose a turn. No vacation destination bonus cards included but, tbh, this blanket looks cozy enough to make any night a stay-cation. It’s available to preorder for $35.99 and will ship on July 20.

Truly, add these to the list of things you didn’t know you needed. Spin for them — JK, just shop for them — here!