Source: Vans/the Pop Insider

Where’s Waldo my wallet?

An iconic red-and-white-striped sweater, a matching beanie, and a slightly soul-stealing stare make up the outfit of the always lost Waldo. Many people have childhood memories of searching for this hidden character in dozens of books, but there’s no need to spend hours staring at a page for the new Where’s Waldo x Vans collab — although you may spend hours staring at your new kicks.

Fans can wear Waldo wherever they go with four new styles of Vans sneakers and matching apparel. Each is based on his striped outfit or his expertise at Hide-n-Seek. No one will ever be able to lose you if you wear the Old Skool striped sneakers or pocket tee!

Source: Vans/the Pop Insider

Other designs feature the Land of Waldos and beach puzzles that many people will remember from childhood. It’s a shoe *and* an activity to do while sitting on the train! The Land of Waldos has bright-red laces, while the beach theme is a classic slip-on. The SK8-HI design is a classic, high-top skater shoe with pictures of the bespeckled character sprinkled throughout.

Apparel in the collection includes a pullover hoodie with Waldo easily found on the front and a Wizard T-Shirt. There are a few more options available only in kids’ sizes so I will either be writing a strongly worded letter to Vans or wearing a boys’ large. Check out the collection below.