Source: Wizarding World/The Pop Insider

Warner Bros. knows that even witches and wizards need to practice social distancing, so they are partnering with a variety of companies to produce Harry Potter face masks.

There aren’t many details about the new masks at this point, but they will be available for both kids and adults and will feature a variety of imagery inspired by the Wizarding World, including wands, characters, and Hogwarts House pride. It seems that Trevco and Zazzle are two of the companies involved, because they received image credits in the official announcement.

Source: Wizarding World

By buying one of these masks — which will be available this summer — your Sickles and Galleons will make a difference, too. The companies making and selling the masks have “committed to making a variety of donations to charities actively supporting first responders, underserved communities, and others impacted by the spread of COVID-19.”

Stay tuned for more info about these magical masks as they become available!