The Traveler, Garthok, and Orthax pre-painted miniatures | Source: WizKids/the Pop Insider

The time has come to return to the world of Exandria!

The first two waves of WizKids’ pre-painted Critical Role miniature figures offered mini monsters of Wildemount and popular characters from Tal’Dorei. Now, the dungeon experience is expanding with a third wave of this D&D collection — Dungeon explorers can introduce even more monsters, characters, and nonplayer characters (NPCs) from Critical Role to their tabletop experience. 

Wave 3 features NPCs — which a game master can use for players to interact with — from the Tal’Dorei and Wildemount campaigns, including Marion Lavorre, Yussa Errenis, and Lady Kima. 

During their journey, players may also encounter guest player characters. The new Guests of Critical Role set introduces Garthok, Calianna, Tova, and more to the RPG world. 

Finally, a proper dungeon is incomplete without its monsters. Wave 3 includes two sets of monsters of Exandria, including Artagan, Osysa, Utugash, Obann, a Magehunter Golem, and more. These monsters can be incorporated into any RPG session for an action-filled story. Wave 3 also brings the divine Forge Guardian out of the underwater volcano and into your game night. This figure serves as a formidable opponent in any RPG with its high armor and disabling blade.

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These miniature game figures are available for preorder on the WizKids website and will hit shelves this June.