Cult classics are so popular right now, they’ve almost lost their cult status.

For OG fans of the classics, the new hype is a positive thing, as it can lead to epic endeavors like the newly announced documentary for The Monster Squad (TMS). Yup, the movie that defined #squadgoals is getting a documentary and it’s called Wolfman’s Got Nards. Be still our nostalgic hearts.

Despite its dismal performance at the box office, TMS was critically acclaimed and stole the hearts of nerds everywhere when it released in 1987—a subject that will be discussed in the documentary along with its status as a cult classic phenomenon.

Fred Dekker isn’t reclaiming his position as director, Andre Gower (Sean in the original movie,) will sit in the director’s chair instead. However, Fred Dekker (co-writer and director for TMS) and Shane Black (co-writer for TMS) will both make an appearance in the documentary along with Ryan Lambert (Rudy), Ashley Bank (Phoebe), and Buffy alum Seth Green. Missing from the IMDB page for the documentary are Michael Faustino (Eugene) and Jason Hervey (E.J.), but perhaps they will show up in the film in some capacity. Fingers crossed.

The documentary is set to release in 2018 and since some of the OG actors are at the helm, it’s sure to be a labor of love and provide a plethora of juicy deets about the making of the original film.