We haven’t had a Wonder Woman fix since 2017 so naturally, our eyes are peeled for any small piece of information about the 2019 movie that we can get our claws on.

Gal Gadot, Queen that she is, tweeted a picture of herself dressed to the nines as Wonder Woman with the cryptic message, “she’s back”. Chills. Actual chills.


Much of the costume looks the same, but there are two key differences that are discernable from the photo: The costume is a lot brighter than that of the first movie, honoring her more traditionally bright comic book colors, and upon close inspection, it looks like the costume is marred by… scratches? Claw marks?


Maybe we’re just all starved for info and are grasping at the tiny details, but it’s not too much of a stretch to speculate that the scratches could be the result of a battle with iconic Wonder Woman villain, Cheetah. Either way, November 19 can’t come soon enough. We’ll just be over here with our cork boards and red string until then, don’t mind us.