All three New World Order bobbleheads are very limited-edition, at 400 or 600 pieces. | Source: FOCO

Let’s get ready to rumble … and bobble!

FOCO just released three limited-edition WWE bobbleheads modeled after New World Order’s original “Big 3” — Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash.

All three wrestlers are dressed in basic black jeans and nWo tank tops, but each is striking a different pose. Hogan’s bobblehead is wearing his classic Hollywood bandana and sunglasses, and a large smile is plastered on his face. Hall’s figure is posed with his hands flashing “rock on,” while Nash has a serious face and hands placed on his hips, ready to fight.

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The bobbleheads are all positioned on a WWE stage-inspired base with their names spray-painted on it. The stages feature portraits of each WWE fighter on the back and iconic catchphrases on the side.

If WWE fans want to secure these bobbleheads, they might have to enter the ring and fight for them! There are only 600 Hogan pieces available, and even less of Nash and Hall — they’re each numbered at 400.

The bobbleheads are available to preorder now on FOCO’s website for $50 each. They are expected to ship by January.