King Grayskull is ready to welcome you to Eternia! | Source: Mattel

Calling all Masters of the Universe fans!

If you’ve ever felt seriously left out because your parents didn’t get you the Masters of the Universe (MOTU) Eternia Playset in the 1980s, now is the time to right that wrong!

When Mattel launched its original Eternia playset in the 1980s, it was considered a flop due to timing, expensive tooling, and a cooling off of the MOTU brand. In the decades since, it’s become a sought-after collectible and now collectors have a chance to own an upgraded version of the massive set.

On Oct. 12, He-Man’s 40th birthday, Mattel will open a crowdfunding campaign for the Masters of the Universe Origins Eternia Playset. The set stands 3 feet tall and measures 4 feet wide and features an Eternia Tower flanked by a Grayskull Tower on the left and a Viper Tower on the right.

Rear view of Eternia | Source: Mattel

Like the original playset, it features a working battle tram, elevators, trap doors, and more.

Mattel says that 5,000 backers are required to send Eternia into production. With a price tag of $550 (plus a $50 U.S. shipping surcharge due to size and weight), Mattel will pull in a minimum of $2,750,000 should the campaign meet its minimum goal. Still, given the size and complexity of the set, the profit margin is likely pretty thin.

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Last year, toy designer Mike McKittrick, lead engineer on the original Eternia Playset, explained the numbers game played by Mattel in the 1980s for a feature here at The Pop Insider.

“I recall the original estimated production quota in round numbers was 60,000 units and break-even, I believe, was around 40,000,” McKittrick said last year. “As we progressed with final engineering and started making tools, the quota dipped down to around 40,000. As we approached the start date for production, the quota dropped to 20,000 plus or minus. Ultimately we produced a little more than 4,000 units.”

Will YOU make space for Eternia? | Source: Mattel

While the crowdfunding campaign for Eternia is set to run through Nov. 9, an early bird offering is designed to grease the wheels with backers.

Should the project be fully funded by Oct. 19, backers will receive a limited edition King Grayskull figure.

Pending a successful campaign via Mattel Creations, Eternia will ship on or about March 29, 2024.

You’ve got a year and a half to clear some space at home for this, right?