All six Youhootz x Breaking Bad collectibles. | Source: Youhootz

How much is enough? When it comes to collectibles, there’s no such thing!

Youtooz unveiled six Breaking Bad collectible figures, each with a cartoonish look and inspired by the series that broke barriers and our hearts. The drop will go live on Jan. 15 at 3 p.m. EST on its website for fans to preorder.

The Walter White figure dons an orange hazmat suit and crazed expression as he hunts down a fly in the lab. Yes, that fly. You can almost hear the Jesse Pinkman figure can saying, “You’re chasing down a fly, and in your world, I’m the idiot?” The 4.9-inch Pinkman figure swivels on an office chair inside the lab. Both feature a detailed respirator, painted in bright pink and yellow.

Saul Goodman, the world’s best/worst lawyer, is immortalized in a 4.7-inch figure and features the character’s classic grey suit. It sits on top of its desk in a box decorated to look like Goodman’s office. There’s no Mike Ehrmantraut in this collection, but there is Huell lying on a giant pile of money, so we won’t complain.

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Hank discovers Tortuga’s head mounted on a tortoise in the series, and you can discover the miniature version on your own desk. It’s the perfect way to find out if your coworkers have never seen Breaking Bad — and maybe take a short trip to Human Resources.

Each figure is $29.99, and if collectors buy all six they will get the Los Pollos Hermanos for free. That is the only way to receive the 4.8-inch tall replica of the fictional restaurant’s mascots.