All of the characters are dressed in their well-known outfits. | Source: Youtooz

Youtooz is finally releasing anime collectibles!

The popular collectibles brand is known for offering figures that capture the best of the internet — This includes collectibles of content creators, memes, emojis, and more. Now, fans are getting their first look and what Youtooz’s anime merch will look like with three collectibles from the manhwa The God of High School, which launched on the popular app WEBTOON and was adapted as an anime series last year.

The first character to be transformed into a matte collectible is Jin Mori, the main protagonist. The fighting-obsessed Monkey King stands 4.7 inches tall, throwing one fist in the air. He wears a white T-shirt, a sweater tied around his waist, blue pants, and red high-top boots. His iconic green glasses rest on his head, and he has a huge smile on his face. The box he’ll be packaged in is inspired by a blue dragon with bright red eyes floating around the panels.

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Next is Han Daewi, who stands 4.5 inches tall. He has a serious expression, wearing his usual loose-fitted, white, button-up shirt; black pants; brown shoes; and a wristband. Blue energy rises up from his feet and beside his arms, and he’ll be packaged in a box inspired by the broad brush strokes from the anime’s art style.

Last in this collection is Yoo (Yu) Mira, the third protagonist of The God of High School. She holds her moonlight sword in two hands with a slight smile and rosy cheeks. Her outfit consists of a green dress and a white, collared shirt with an orange bow. She wears her big, round glasses, and her packaging will be illustrated with golden colors and leaves.

The God of High School fans looking to snatch up these limited-edition Youtooz can run to the website next week on July 30 at 3 p.m. ET. These three collectibles will all be available to preorder for $29.99 each. And remember — once they’re sold out, they’re gone!