The Home Alone Collection | Source: Youtooz

Kevin McCallister is here to save Christmas once again.

Today, Youtooz dropped collectible figures based on characters from two holiday classics — Home Alone and Die Hard — to make your days a little merrier and brighter. The Home Alone collection features a Marv and Harry two-pack (the Wet Bandits always stick together) and a Kevin McCallister figure. John McClane is (obviously) the only one you need from Die Hard.

Harry is a 4.2-inch figure, while Marv stands 4.8 inches tall. Each is grimacing in pain after falling victim to yet another of Kevin’s traps: Harry’s hat is scorched from the flame thrower and Marv’s face is imprinted with marks from the hot iron. Both figures come packaged in a double-walled window box that features Harry and Marv creeping their way into the house. The sleeve wraps the box inside of an illustration of McCallister’s home.

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In case you forgot about Kevin (it happens), the figure is 4.1-inches tall and gleefully sits on top of steps looking at the traps he’s set for the bandits. The figure wears a clever grin, a red sweater, green pants, and his pellet gun strapped to his back. The exterior of the double-walled box depicts Marv and Harry falling down the stairs and the sleeve features the McCallister home.

The Kevin McCallister and John McClane figures | Source: Youtooz/ the Pop Insider

‘Twas the night before Christmas and a John McClane Youtooz figure was making quite the stir. This McClane figure stands barefoot in rolled-up jeans and his torn, bloodied, white tank top. He’s ready for action with a pistol in one hand and a walkie-talkie in the other — oh, also, there’s a submachine gun strapped to his back. The exterior of the double-walled collector’s box features McClane scaling down a burning high-rise building, while the interior is illustrated with flames.

Each of these figures is sure to bring some festive excitement, even beyond the holiday season. Preorder them now with expected ship dates early next year!