Source: Youtooz

There’s a spicy new take on the hit show Hot Ones from First We Feast.

Sean Evans, the Emmy-nominated host of the series, is officially the latest collectible figure from Youtooz. The 5-inch version of Evans sits at his iconic Hot Ones’ table with three bottles of hot sauce, a board of chicken wings, and a pitcher of milk at the ready (for the truly hot questions). The windowbox that the figure comes in further replicates the Hot Ones set, illustrated with spicy flames on a dark black background. The interior sleeve includes the neon Hot Ones logo on the back, with chicken drumsticks slathered in sauce as the repeating pattern of the interior.

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The figure, which costs $29.99, will only be available for a limited time starting this Thursday, July 29 at 3 p.m. ET. You may want to click this link right as it goes on sale because once the figure sells out, it’s gone for good. Once preordered, it’s estimated to ship in 6-8 weeks.

Youtooz prides itself on capturing the best moments of internet culture, while Hot Ones has become one of the hottest interview web series around — both figuratively and literally. The two go together like, well, wings and hot sauce!