All of the Youtooz x Stranger Things figures are inspired by the newest season. | Source: Youtooz

The second half of Stranger Things 4 is here, and with that epic finale has come a whole new wave of merch inspired by this summer’s high-stakes return to the Upside-Down. (Warning: Spoilers ahead for all of Stranger Things 4)

Youtooz — known for offering collectible, vinyl figures inspired by what’s trending on the internet and in pop culture — is heading to Hawkins with its first figures inspired by Stranger Things. Specifically, the five upcoming collectibles are inspired by the show’s latest season. Fans can get their hands on Youtooz-styled renditions of Eleven, Hopper, Vecna, Dustin, and a Demogorgon.

Eleven is dressed in her outfit from Vol. 2, with white jeans and the floral-print, thermal top. The figure depicts El using her powers, right arm outstretched and a drop of blood where her nose would be (Youtooz figures don’t have noses).

Hopper and the Demogorgon are ready to face off in your collection. | Source: Youtooz

Hopper, too, is posed for battle. He is holding the torch that he uses to ward off the Demogorgon in the Russian prison. This pairs nicely with the collection’s Demogorgon figure, which fans can display with Hopper to recreate that face-off.

You can almost hear ‘Running Up That Hill.’ | Source: Youtooz

Next up is a Season 4 newcomer, Vecna. The big bad of this season (and the entire show, we’ve learned) is recreated with plenty of detail in this Youtooz figure. He, like Eleven, is posed with his arm out, ready to use his powers. The figure stands on a base of vines from the Upside-Down.

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The final figure in this drop is Dustin, who is dressed in his outfit for the battle with Vecna in Vol. 2. He is holding his flashlight and his mouth is open in a scream. You can almost hear him screaming for Eddie… and now we need a tissue.

Each of these Stranger Things Youtooz figures will cost $29.99. They will be available to shop starting this Wednesday, July 6 at