Pokimane, TimTheTatMan, and Ninja figures from YouTooz | Source: YouTooz

If you love watching Ninja, Pokimane, or TimTheTatMan on Twitch, now you can bring them home! Well, not actually them, that would be super creepy. But thanks to YouTooz, these popular creators are now available as vinyl figures.

Together, these three new figures make up YouTooz’s Twitch Legends Collection, which corresponds with a series of videos called “The Legends of the Live” that celebrate the achievements of these iconic Twitch personalities. Each 60-second video will debut live on the respective creator’s channel.

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The figures reimagine Ninja, Pokimane, and TimTheTatMan in the signature YouTooz style. Each stands around 5 inches tall and captures the creator’s favorite moment from the Legends of the Live campaign. Ninja is wearing his iconic yellow-and-blue ensemble and holding an unplugged gaming mouse; Pokimane is holding a gigantic rocket launcher that matches her outfit in one hand and a colorful rendition of her cat, Mimi, in the other; and TimTheTatMan is seated in a red-and-brown lawn chair, putting on sunblock as he prepares to sunbathe.

These collectibles each cost $30 and come in window boxes with a decorated interior. All three styles will only be available to preorder until June 12 (there is a countdown clock on each product to help you order in time!) and will ship in November.