Source: YuMe

We have finally entered May, which means after months (and months, and months) of waiting, we are now just *days* away from the release of Stranger Things Season 4. In celebration of the show’s highly-anticipated return, toy manufacturer YuMe is launching a line of multi-layer capsule collectibles that will turn your world upside down

The Stranger Things Upside Down Capsule features a collection of rare figures, accessories, and trading cards. Each capsule will have one of 11 possible characters with designs inspired by all four seasons of the show, including characters from the upcoming season and an ultra-rare Demogorgon variant. Fans can expect to see their favorite characters in their most iconic outfits, including a blonde Eleven armed with an Eggo waffle, Dustin in his signature “Thinking Cap,” and Robin sporting her Scoops Ahoy uniform. 

The Eleven Capsule | Source: YuMe Toys

Unboxing the capsule mimics the experience of viewing Stranger Things: each layer is increasingly more mysterious and increasingly more awesome. Within the retro TV shell packaging, fans will find a figure, three scene trading cards, one character card, one art card, one sticker reveal card, and one TV sticker reveal card. These cards correspond to their respective figure and contain surprise games and clues. 

Once you finish unboxing these figures, you can use the packaging to display them, either in TV display mode (standing atop a TV) or The Upside Down display mode (standing in front of a background, atop a Stranger Things-branded base).

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This isn’t the first time YuMe has graced fans with a magical collection of toys. In 2020, the company launched its Harry Potter Magical Capsules, a similarly leveled collection of stylized figures featuring our favorite friends from the Wizarding World. This line has since expanded, offering three complete series of characters. 

The new Stranger Things Upside Down Capsules will be available later this month at select retailers around the U.S. Head to to get a closer look at the collection and join the waitlist!