Image: IMDb

On the surface, DC’s upcoming kid-turned-hero movie Shazam! doesn’t have much in common with DC Extended Universe movies such as Batman vs. Superman or Justice League. 

Yet, according to star Zachary Levi, Shazam! takes place in the same universe and will feature “nods/homages/Easter eggs” that connect to other recent DC superhero movies.

Levi gave this information in a tweet in response to a fan question. He does note, though, that the movie “is completely trackable on its own.”

Basically, this means the movie will be similar to the upcoming Aquamana self-contained story with homages to the larger DCEU.

In the case of Shazam!, it seems these homages will come in the form of newspaper clippings, t-shirts, and other small indicators that Billy Batson lives in a world where Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman aren’t just comic book characters.

However, moviegoers won’t need to see the entire DC backlog to understand the plot, in which 14-year-old Batson turns into a grown superhero whenever he says “Shazam.”

The movie is set to hit theaters April 5, 2019.