A ‘Bella Ciao’ Pillow | Source: Zavvi

Whether you call the series La Casa de Papel or Money Heist, Zavvi’s new collection of merch inspired by the thieves of this popular Netflix show will leave you with a smile as big as Denver’s.

The collection launched with the new season — if you finished it, please take this second for a deep breath — and features a variety of apparel and home goods that won’t leave you needing to rob the Royal Mint. Fans can find merch emblazoned with the Dali Mask and the anthem “Bella Ciao!”

There’s nothing cozier than guns, money, and Dali Masks… so of course there’s a bed throw that features all three. Cozy up for a night of binge-watching the series with the black blanket, which includes the names of the characters. Other home goods in the collection include mugs, coasters, and a “Bella Ciao!” throw pillow (pictured above).

A Holiday Sweater and T-shirt from the collection | Source: Zavvi/the Pop Insider

As for the apparel, there are red T-shirts that also feature the characters’ names, along with the iconic mask. Fans can discover a variety of other types of T-shirts and even some holiday sweaters, too. (What says “Merry Christmas” better than a high-stakes heist?).

It’s safe to say we’re ready to start spending money like we just printed our own.