Name three words that get bleeped on TV. Likely, you can probably rattle off a dozen without giving in it much of a thought. But what if you had a set amount of time to do so in? What about if you only had five seconds? Hint: It goes by faster than you may think.

It’s easy to rattle off a list in a given category — until you give yourself a brief window of time to do so. With 5 Second Rule Uncensored, from PlayMonster, it takes the family-friendly, fast-talking party game to a more — ahem — adult level.

The rules are simple: List three things in a given category, but do so before time runs out to win the point. Sure, naming three things in five seconds seems easy, especially with these broad categories such as “drinks,” “turn-offs,” or “places to run into a Kardashian.” However, once the timer begins ticking down, all sense of applicable answers completely leave your head in favor of hyper-competitive attitudes and performance anxiety.

To set up, place the deck and timer in the middle of the table so all players can reach. Each game lasts between two to five rounds as players attempt to amass the most points during their turn in the Hot Seat. If players don’t complete the question, the card moves around to each player until either everyone fails or someone takes the point. Here’s the kicker: You can’t repeat any answers previously said in the round. For example, if the card reads “silver foxes,” and you only list Anderson Cooper and George Clooney before time runs out, the next player must answer said card without naming either Cooper or Clooney before their five seconds are up.

The timer, much like the original game, features silver balls swirling down the slide component until its “zoop” sound effect indicates times up.

When naming your lists, it’s also possible to go more PG or family-friendly with your answers, however this party game is definitely made for dirty minds based on the nature of what’s on the cards. However, keeping it nice and squeaky-clean is definitely doable for the most part, should you prefer.

Some of the cards are pretty abstract to begin with. I mean, a “mob boss’ daughter’s dowry?” Or what about “free things” or even “unfounded beliefs,” in which the questions are generic — thus adding to potential stress to answer quickly. If your opponents disagree on your answers, the group is allowed to weigh in and debate or look it up online until a consensus is reached.

Try a few for yourself: Bad ideas for a password? Things you shouldn’t buy on discount? Places you’d like a hidden camera? Can you name three in only five seconds? It’s harder than it looks!

It’s fun in theory, however, if you are like me and get too competitive for your own good, as well as anxiety to answer correctly within the time limits, this game can definitely get a bit intense. Regardless, this party game will have players in stitches at the first things that pop out of your mouth.

Photo: PlayMonster