These are definitely the shoes you’re looking for.

Last weekend, shoe retailer Toms dropped its latest Star Wars collection, just in time for The Rise of Skywalker, and we got to try out some styles from the line. 

For those (like myself, to be honest) who may not know, Toms now makes many types of shoes, not just their well-known slip-on design. This intergalactic collection includes Classic Toms, sneakers, and boots, all with elements inspired by a galaxy far, far away — both light side and dark.

toms star wars

The amount of Star Wars influence in the collection also ranges from subtle to overt to suit your needs. The Princess Leia boots, for example, just look like cute boots until you notice the Rebel Alliance symbol on each heel. (They also have a bit of a Hoth feel about them.) The sneakers are all fairly subtle, too, and great for adding a small pop of fandom to everyday outfits.

Anyone looking for a more overt homage to the Skywalker Saga has plenty of options, too. The AT-AT Print Classics and Darth Print Classics are great, the kids’ styles are adorable, and the embossed Classics are a fun homage — the black pair features a Stormtrooper helmet and a Darth Vader helmet on the toes, while the Nubuck pair has Chewbacca and the Millenium Falcon.

toms star wars

The packaging for this line also deserves a mention. The shoes not only come in a Star Wars-branded box, but they also include a cloth drawstring bag that is decorated with a comic book-style Star Wars print. Honestly, the bag alone was enough to get me geeking out.

toms star wars

Not all fandom shoes are good for both style and feel, but after wearing the Princess Leia boots around the office for an afternoon, I can confirm that these get a thumbs up in the comfort department. Based on the samples we tried, the women’s shoes ran fairly true to size, and the men’s’ ran just a tad large.

Overall, these shoes are a win for Star Wars fans. Plus, your purchase helps those in need, which is an added bonus that even those who favor the dark side will appreciate. The full line is available now online, with select styles also available in stores. Some styles are already close to selling out, so be sure to grab your pair at lightspeed!

Photos: Toms/the Pop Insider